If you know the application “Preview” from Apple, the media show of nessViewer will be familiar – but media shows offer much more: e.g. you can add movies and PDF documents, save media shows, and convert / compress media by export.

However, media shows have lacked a function until now: the display of the media as a contact sheet. In contrast to the display of thumbnails in the drawer and the current media in the main window, a contact sheet shows the media next to each other – similar to the display in iPhoto or the Photos app.

In the pre-release version of the 64 bit version of nessViewer, the display is now also available as a contact sheet in Mac OS X 10.11 (macOS 10.11, El Capitan) or newer: if you hide the drawer in the media show menu, the media is displayed next to each other.

In addition, the window size is now calculated based on the screen size so that the available space is better used on large screens. And the positioning has been corrected so that windows that are opened on a second screen are correctly positioned.

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As previously reported we have now also added the video processing to the iOS version of nessViewer.

In addition to trimming videos, it is now also possible to delete a part of a video – a functionality that is missing in the “Photos App”. But if you have recorded a longer video and you want to remove in the middle of the video a section, then that was so far not so easy.

And so it goes:

  1. Select “Open File”.
  2. In the action menu button (available on the iPhone only in landscape format), select “Import file from Photos App”, select the video and import it.
  3. Open the video, select a section, and either select “trim” or “delete”. This can also be repeated several times.
  4. Save the video.

If you want to have the edited video back in the “Photos App”, then select in the action menu button “Add Movie to Photos App”.

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Together with the (64-bit) Mac App Store version of nessMediaCenter are now nessMediaCenter 1.7.4 & nessViewer 3.7.3 for Mac available.

Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra) – or how Apple is now writing: macOS 10.12 – will be available at 20.9. – we tested our applications with a pre-release version and adapted the path to the data of the “Photos App” so that the media can be accessed with Sierra in the media center.

In the 64 bit versions, GPS data (country, city) now appears for movies in the media center if available – and in the 64 bit version of nessViewer a map with the GPS location can be opened in movie editing and in media shows.

We have also in the 64 bit version of nessViewer improved the movie processing, fixes a bug in the dialog for changing the size and added a higher resolution for the export.
And if you start the media presentation via the toolbar, then the selected folders will be monitored and new media automatically added to the current presentation.

For Retina, adjustments are also available: the export of preview images (covers) in the movie info are now scaled correctly – and in image processing, the changing of the size correctly calculated (from Mac OS X 10.10 or newer in the 64 bit version of nessViewer).

Unfortunately we found a bug in the Apple system framework “DVDPlayback” which prevents DVD playback on Macs without internal DVD drives (bug report 28133794) – even if an external DVD drive is connected. The “DVD Player” can play DVDs – either Apple found a trick or is not using its framework. We have no feedback from Apple until now…

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Meanwhile, we also have installed a pre-release version of Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra) to check the compatibilty of our applications.

So far, we were pleased to discover only a very small problem: Apple has changed the path to the library of the “Photos App” (aka the database). This database is used for displaying the contents of the “Photos App” in the MediaCenter.

We have now solved this problem in another pre-release version of nessMediaCenter and nessViewer (32 and 64 bit).

In the coming days we will continue to test, prepare the Mac App Store version of nessMediaCenter and then hopefully make the final versions available soon.

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After the movie processing with “AV Foundation” on Mac, we now worked on the movie processing for iOS.

The “Photos App” offers movie processing too, but beside trimming of videos you can save only the selection as new clip.
So if you want to delete several parts from a video, then this is impossible – you must save many new clips. For example, instead of deleting 2 parts in one video, you must save 3 clips.

The movie processing in nessViewer App for iOS therefore also offers “delete” beside “trim”. In addition, the video can be rotated (left / right), which increments the rotation each time by 90 degrees.

If you select “Open File” and open a movie, then the movie playback is not displayed anymore (as at “Present File”) – now the movie processing is displayed instead (such as if you open a picture, the picture processing).

By the way: “Open File” also offers the import of pictures and movies from the “Photos App”, and (after processing) the media can be added to the “Photos App”.

A trial version can be downloaded now for registered devices. We will continue to test and wait for feedback from some users.

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