nessViewer App & registered devices
Usually "nessViewer App" can only be installed on an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) via the "iOS App Store".

But via an "ad hoc" installation, "nessViewer App" can also be installed directly from the download page (without the "iOS App Store"). This allows, inter alia, the test of pre-release versions on an iOS device.

Requirement for this is the registration of the iOS device.
iOS device registration
  • Launch iTunes and connect the iOS device via USB cable.
  • Select the iOS device in iTunes by clicking on it.
  • Click in the overview on the "serial number". Subsequently you will see the UDID.
  • Copy the UDID (by selecting "copy" in the edit menu) and send it to us.

In addition to the UDID we also need the following additional information:
  • your name and email address
  • the used iOS device (for example "iPhone 6")
  • the installed iOS version (for example "iOS 8.3")

We do not accept all iOS device registrations - if the iOS device is registered by us and you can install "nessViewer App", then you will get an email message.