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nessViewer for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch


  • Download nessViewer App on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and use it as your media center. Watch internet videos or the trailers of the latest movies. Present your created media shows or just watch your local movies, PDF documents and pictures continuously.

  • Internet of the media center offers
    • English / French / German / Swiss Television
    • YouTube
    After registration and activation, more internet content is available:
    • Entertainment
    • Live Broadcast (for various countries)
    • Music videos
  • nessViewer media center
  • At the category level the "+" button will often show the next page. At the entry level "+" will add the selected entry to a newly created media show which will be shown after closing the media center.

  • But the MediaCenter offers much more:
    • Access to pictures and videos of DLNA media server.
    • Access to the albums, photos and (recorded) videos of the "Photos App", which will show existing geo informations (country / town) on the right side under the preview. In the "Settings App" the name of the (free of charge) registration at → Geonames can be set therefor.
    • Access to the videos of the "Videos App".
    • Access to the local media, which will show the metadata (duration, size, date) on the right side under the preview
    • Access to the media of the media server on the Mac, which can stream videos (live) from the media server to nessViewer App
  • Single media can be presented as well as all media continiously, starting at the selected entry. Local media and media of the "Photos App" can be added to a (new) media show by touching "+". The media show will be displayed after closing the media center.

Media shows

  • Manage your own media shows, save it and present it wherever you are.
  • You like some videos from DailyMotion or YouTube, want to store your favorites and show it to your friends?
  • Browse with the integrated internet browser safely, add the video links of these web sites to a media show, save it and present the media show to your friends with nessViewer. No lengthy download is necessary, no extensive capacity is required.
  • Manage your media show: copy the selected entry and paste it into another media show of your choice. Edit the title and then sort your media show entries.
  • The media shows are compatible to media shows created on Mac. This way you can transfer your media shows between Mac and iOS to watch for example the same collected internet videos.
  • nessViewer media show controls

    Media presentation

  • A picture, video or PDF document can be presented by the ">" button. With the ">>" button all media beginning at the selected entry will be continously presented. PDF documents will be presented page by page.
  • In the "Settings App" the duration (1-9 seconds) of the presentation and AirPlay (for AppleTV) can be set.

    Media management

  • Select "Open File" and
    • create folders and move your media to these folders,
    • rename folders or files,
    • delete a file, or delete optionally all files in a folder,
    • import pictures and movies from the "Photos App" (including existing metadata / geo data),
    • export pictures and movies to the "Photos App" (including existing metadata / geo data),
    • send media to your friends by email,
    • edit pictures and movies.
  • Together with the FTP server & client you can e.g. import a picture from the "Photos App", rename the picture and then transfer the picture via FTP to another device. Neither an email account nor a cloud server is needed.

    Internet browser

  • The integrated internet browser - available by "Open URL" - loads web sites safely by only loading content belonging to the web site. Media content like videos can be presented even if usually a flash plugin would be necessary (which is not available with iOS). Links to videos can be easily collected in media shows just by touching the "+" button.
  • In the "Settings App" stop words can be defined. Add e.g. "banner,mobile" to block all content which URL contains these words. The effect is not only a faster & clearer display - it can also prevent the redirection to "mobile" content.
  • This way you can access e.g. the YouTube web pages the same way as you know it from your computer - and not the reduced version which looks totally different and often offers much less content.

  • nessViewer web browser

FTP server & client

  • nessViewer App integrates a FTP server and a client (available by "Open URL" and adding e.g. "").
  • Thereby it is not only possible to exchange media between two devices - also media from you computer can be transfered via WLAN.
  • Furthermore the Mac version offers a media server: it converts media automatically if the format is not compatible to iOS.
  • Through the media server it is even possible to present your media on the Mac directly on your device. With appropiate tools (either →VLC 2.0 or Apple's mediastreamsegmenter) movies and DVDs can be segmented and streamed directly.
  • Please note that the FTP server is only accepting one connection. Therfor using on your computer e.g. "Cyberduck", in the preferences "Transfer files: Use browser connection" must be set (tab "General").
  • nessViewer FTP

Supported media

  • With nessViewer App you can watch all your media: documents (Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, RTF, Word), pictures and movies and videos.
    No matter whether they are transfered / stored on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch or in the internet.

You want more functionality?

  • You want to use the media center and media shows on your Apple computer?
    Please download the demo version of nessViewer for Mac and check the performance and functionality of nessViewer.

Current version 2.4 available in the App Store since February 9, 2020 - more informations at news.

Download nessViewer App on the Apple → App Store
Download on the AppStore

Download nessViewer App 2.4 (only registered devices):
iOS 8 or iOS 9 and newer (iPhone X).