Unfortunately, we have found a bug in the Apple system framework “AVFoundation” that prevents the correct playback of AC3 soundtracks (bug report 37663282), e.g. in EyeTV archive movies.

Until the bug will be fixed, EyeTV archive movies are played in EyeTV (instead of directly in the media presentation) in the 64-bit versions. Unfortunately, this temporary solution is not usable in the Mac App Store version.

We also fixed a few minor bugs reported by the new version of XCode. And also the internet offer has been adjusted.

Until the bug will be fixed in the Apple system framework, we will only update the current versions – so if you encounter problems, you will need to manually download & install the latest version.

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Unfortunately, we noticed now only by the hint of an user of nessMediaCenter that Apple has changed the database structure of the Photos library.

As with any Apple update, we of course tested the access to the media of the Photos App in the MediaCenter and found no problems.
Normally you update old database structures in case of changes – and in this case we would also have noticed the problem. But the Photos App 3.0 instead supports 2 different database structures: the structure of old (existing) and new databases.

Fortunately, we quickly found the problem: Apple just renamed 2 fields in the Photos library database.

The latest versions of nessMediaCenter (1.7.5) and nessViewer (3.8.1) can now be downloaded, but the AppStore version must first be reviewed and approved by Apple.

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After the release of the official version of macOS 10.13 (High Sierra), we tested nessViewer and nessMediaCenter again and could not find any problems.

However, High Sierra showed a different MAC address in the system settings “Network” as well as in nessViewer after the first start – and thus in nessViewer appeared the start dialog with the info “Unregistered full version” also with previously registered full versions.

Only after a new start of High Sierra, the original MAC address was displayed, which is also displayed in the older systems.

We therefore recommend – if the start dialog with the info “Unregistered full version” appears in nessViewer – to restart the computer again.

Keywords: macOS 10.13. High Sierra, nessViewer


For the improvements in the media server of nessViewer, nessMediaCenter App for AppleTV had to be adapted as well.

In addition, access to media shows has been improved and support for internet providers has been enhanced.
So you can now use nessViewer on the Mac to arrange internet videos in a media show and then access on AppleTV via the media server this media show to presemt the internet videos one after another.

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