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DLNA media browser and presentation

DLNA media

  • In modern network environments, media servers are used more and more to access their media from all computers within the local network.
  • DLNA media server like "Serviio" also allow it to access these media from modern television devices (SmartTV).
  • With the DLNA functionality of nessViewer, these DLNA media servers can be accessed and their media presented.
  • DLNA media browser

  • After opening the DLNA window by the toolbox or file menu, a window is displayed which allows it to start DLNA. If the firewall is activated then incoming connections for nessViewer must be allowed.
  • After starting DLNA, all available DLNA devices are shown in the drop down menu.
  • If the selected device supports media (e.g. a media server like Serviio or NAS volumes), then "Browse" will show the root content. Folders can then be opened and media like movies or pictures presented.
  • Multiple media can be selected and will be presented continuously afterwards.

    Supported DLNA media server

  • So far the following media server have been tested and are supported:
    • DS214play
    • Fritz!Box NAS Media Server
    • Kodi UPnP Media Server
    • miniDLNA Media Server
    • Plex Media Server
    • PS3 Media Server
    • Serviio Media Server
    • Twonky Media Server
    • TVMobili Media Server
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