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Media Show

The media shows of nessViewer allow it to arrange media like pictures or movies as playlists and to save it for (later) presentation. In addition to the access to media from iPhoto or local volumes, internet media can be integrated without having to download them (DailyMotion, Veoh, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.).
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Media Presentation

nessViewer presents pictures, DVDs, movies and PDFs in various ways: via drag and drop, menu functions, Apple remote control, media shows, MediaCenter, media server or DLNA.
The automatic presentation of a inserted CD or DVD is possible through the system preferences "CDs & DVDs".
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The MediaCenter offers access to media servers and Aperture, iPhoto, iTunes, Miro and Photos App media as well as media stored at the pictures and movies folder or on volumes.
Media can be selected by Apple remote control, "NV Remote" for iOS or keyboard and presented continuously afterwards.
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Media Server

The media server allows it to transfer and stream media (e.g. DVDs, movies, pictures) between Mac and iOS by using nessViewer App on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and between Mac and tvOS by using nessMediaCenter App on Apple TV. The media will be converted automatically if it is not compatible with iOS or tvOS.
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