Internet media browser

Internet media browser & presentation

Internet media

  • Through the MediaCenter many internet content can be accessed, but the internet also offers a lot more: for example, serials and other videos at Dailymotion, Veoh, Vimeo, YouTube and other providers.
  • In order to browse this content safe and possibly collect it in media shows, an internet browser is integrated into nessViewer which allows it to access the internet offer of supported providers.

Internet Browser

  • The browser is a simple web browser with the following functionality:
    • Thru the drop down menu (right beside the url field) the web pages of the providers can be shown which are supported for showing media (movies/videos).
    • By "Present" the included movies/videos can be played in fullscreen mode.
    • Single pages can be added to a (new) media show.

Data security & privacy

  • Nearly all websites nowadays are using "Google analytics" to evaluate access and length of stay, whereby not only the website owners but also Google get extensive reports about your interests and your browsing activities. And further data is collected by embedded content from other companies and the browser plugin "Flash".
  • Therefore data security and privacy is getting more and more a matter - and the most browsers need an extra extension to filter content. But even with extensions that is not guaranteed because it requires a "black list" to filter content.
  • This browser goes another way:
    • no extension is needed
    • only the content will be loaded which has the same origin (domain/host) - so e.g. no page statistic analysis of other providers (e.g. "Google analytics").
      Sole exception are images and stylesheets.
    • for security and performance reasons also plugins will not be loaded
    • whenever possible media is not presented by the "normal" plugin (e.g. "Flash") because this is another common way to collect data
    • the search engine "Startpage" guarantees anonymity
  • But even if "Google" is used as a search engine, data security and anonymity is better protected: while normally each click on a search result is notified by Google, the browser opens the search results directly.
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