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Media present - images, films, DVDs, PDFs

with nessViewer for Mac or the nessViewer app and control with the NV Remote app.

The media presentations in nessViewer for Mac and in the nessViewer APP can be performed via a media show, via drag & drop, via a variety of menu functions, via the MediaCenter or the media server.

The control of the media presentation can be done with the Apple remote control, with the Magic Mouse, the trackpad, the keyboard or with the NV Remote APP developed by us.

In the opposite/following overview, the presentation options are shown.


  • DVD window
  • Movie Window
  • PDF document
  • Media show window

  • single
  • mixed
  • continously
  • endless

  • Name
  • Path
  • Randomly

  • Menu commands
  • Keyboard commands
  • Apple Remote control
  • NV Remote App
  • Trackpad
  • Magic Mouse

  • Deactivating the film sound after starting iTunes Music
  • Selection of the background colour