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nessViewer & iOS downloads

From macOS 10.10 onwards, the more modern 64 bit version should be used. As of macOS 10.14, the 64 bit version is recommended.

Important: The 64-bit version can only be used from macOS 10.10 onwards on Intel computers!

This version no longer uses "QuickTime" but "AV Foundation", as Apple will no longer support QuickTime with 64 bit programmes. Therefore, the following things should be noted:

  • Some film formats (such as AVI, DivX, MKV) must be converted beforehand (by external tools), as "AV Foundation" can only play modern formats.
  •  EyeTV films are no longer played via EyeTV (or VLC), but directly in nessViewer.
  •  QuickTime VR (panoramas) is no longer supported.

The 64 bit version is compatible with Gatekeeper, i.e. it is certified and notarised by an "identified developer".

By purchasing a nessViewer licence the version becomes a full version - otherwise the current version is a demo version.

Please note: nessViewer App is available in the Apple Store!

Please note: NV Remote II App is available in the Apple Store!