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Live streaming

A highlight of the media server is the possibility to present media directly, instead of having to transfer a complete feature film first (e.g. to an iPad). The feature film can be watched directly. The supported media include DVDs and SAT-IP-TV films.

This possibility opens up a completely new media enjoyment, which, in combination with the optional (ad hoc) conversion, offers a solution that leaves nothing to be desired.

Streaming requires VLC 2.x or Apple's mediafilesegmenter, which are free but not part of our products.
If you are interested in "mediafilesegmenter", please contact us - we will be happy to help you with the installation!

Optionally, ffmpeg can also be installed to achieve better segmentation of SAT-IP-TV films and to segment compatible media more quickly.

Conversion for transfer to iOS,

This means that the media does not have to be available in triplicate on the Mac - i.e. in the high-resolution format for the Mac and in a compatible format for transfer to iOS and streaming.

Instead, the requested media are checked (e.g. when accessed from the iPad or Apple TV), converted, transferred and the converted media deleted again.

Of course, media that are already compatible can be transferred more quickly - but having duplicate or triplicate media on the hard drive wastes a lot of storage space.

TCP/IP filter

To increase security and to exclude foreign/unwanted access, a TCP/IP filter can be specified: if, for example, only access from the local network is to be allowed, then "192.168.68", for example, can be specified as a filter (in which case all TCP/IP addresses of the local network begin with this address).